Asthma Allergy | Northern Virginia

Allergies are conditions associated with hypersensitivity of the immune system. Allergies can occur at any age. Also, one can outgrow them as time passes.

There exist several types of allergies. These are:
1. Environmental allergies. These are allergies caused by dust, pollen grains, and molds.
2. Food allergies. These allergies result from what we consume. Some may cause rashes on our skin.
3. Drug allergy. It results from drug reactions and side effects. This allergy is tested by using penicillin antibiotics.
4. Metal allergy. Compounds found in metals cause this allergy. These compounds are titanium, chromium, nickel. It causes painful sensations and irritation around metal joints. Allergens cause asthma allergy. These allergens are contained in cockroaches, their saliva and faces are believed to have allergens. Moulds also produce spores which are easily blown by the wind. Furthermore, pollen from grass and trees are airborne and can get into your house. Also, fur and urine from pets also cause asthma allergy.

How to detect allergies.
One can experience a range of symptoms when infected with allergies. These symptoms include hay fever. Tissue inflammation causes this. It results in running nose, frequent sneezing, and stuffy nose. Asthma symptoms include running short of breath, coughing, and chest pains. Moreover, allergic eyes make the eyeballs appear inflamed, watery and swollen. Asthma allergy treatment. Asthma allergies are diagnosed through skin and blood tests. This diagnosis help confirm the type of asthma allergy a patient is suffering. It can be either seasonal allergy or dormant allergies. After taking an allergy test, it is vital to undergo the treatment process. Allergist doctors are well-trained in diagnosis and treatment of allergies. They take you through allergy testing. There are different types of asthma allergist doctors who can assist you in asthma treatment.

There are different types of asthma allergist doctors who can assist you in asthma treatment. These are:
• Pediatric allergy doctor. This is an asthma specialist you call or see if your child needs an asthma treatment. They diagnose and determine other causes of the condition. They can also refer you to a pediatric asthma specialist doctor for testing and treatment.
• Pulmonologist. A pulmonologist specializes in severe asthmatic causes. They also diagnose and treat diseases related to the respiratory system.
• Immunologist. This an asthma specialist doctor. They treat asthma symptoms that are associated with allergies. Also, they test and determine the primary cause of the infection.

Allergy treatment is long-term. They are administered through injections and medication. Allergy shots are an allergy injection treatment that reduces asthma symptoms. Also, bronchodilators are drugs that relax respiratory muscles. There are also anti-inflammatory drugs which reduce swelling of tissues. It is essential to seek medical assistance whenever you observe asthmatic symptoms. Also, you should avoid environments, foods, and drugs that trigger allergic reactions. As a result, Adult and Pediatric Allergy Centre is the convenient place to visit. It is specialized in preventing, diagnosing, and treating all forms of allergies.